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And Then There Were None 2015 Mini-Series 720p 1.35GB scOrp


Ten strangers are invited to an island by a mysterious host, and start to get killed one by one. Could one of them be the killer?


About Ray 2015 720p 725MB scOrp


After Ray decides to transition from female to male, Ray’s mother, Maggie, must come to terms with the decision while tracking down Ray’s biological father to get his legal consent.


Land of Mine 2015 720p 900MB MC


A young group of German POWs are made the enemy of a nation, where they are now forced to dig up 2 million land-mines with their bare hands.


Barney Thomson 2015 720p 725MB scOrp


Barney Thomson, awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber, lives a life of desperate mediocrity and his uninteresting life is about to go from 0 to 60 in five seconds, as he enters the grotesque and comically absurd world of the serial killer.


Being Charlie 2015 720p 775MB scOrp


Charlie is a troublesome 18-year-old who breaks out of a youth drug treatment clinic, but when he returns home to Los Angeles, he’s given an intervention by his parents and forced to go to …


Remainder 2015 720p 799MB scOrp


A London man who loses his memory when he’s struck by a falling object develops a way to reconstruct his past.


The Daughter 2015 1080p 1.39GB Ozlem


The story follows a man who returns home to discover a long-buried family secret, and whose attempts to put things right threaten the lives of those he left home years before.

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